CTR Developments has its roots in motorsport competition. Starting with gearbox karting in the early seventies, through Formula Ford, hill climbs, sports car racing and now prototypes, CTR developed machines have been at the forefront for decades. Our highly qualified team of engineers believe in competition and expect to continue CTR’s success for many years to come

And Drive

CTR Developments offers two types of arrive and drive packages. The first is clients who don’t have a race car, or simply don’t want to use the one they have, and the second is for clients who want to use their cars but don’t have either the time or experience to run them. Exploring the former package, CTR will supply a fully race prepared Lotus Elise, with a full race Honda 2 litre engine and paddle-shift controlled sequential box and will meet the client at the race track. The car will be tended to by CTR staff and the client helped and tutored so that they achieve the maximum enjoyment throughout the day. Depending on experience we may insist on a test day before hand so both parties can be happy that the day will go off without any issues. Clients wishing to enjoy this package must pass certain experience and licencing criteria which we will be happy to discuss. The second package, where CTR prepares and runs the clients own car, is more straightforward. We do, however, offer two variations. The first, we call it our “ultimate package” is where CTR completely takes over the maintenance, preparation and running of the car throughout the season. This includes pre-season rebuilds – if required, all maintenance within the season and full race support whist at the meetings. This allows the driver to enjoy the driving and the ambiance of the meeting without all the inevitable minute to minute hassles. Our second package, the “race day package” involves CTR in transporting the car to and from the meetings and running the car during the day. Again, this allows the driver to concentrate on the driving and the enjoyment of the day

Normally Aspirated Porsche Air Cooled Engine

Engine development is a core part of CTR Developments DNA. Our engineers understand the theoretical thermodynamics and mechanics of the internal combustion engine and can utilise this knowledge in building class-leading engines. Our normally aspirated Porsche engines have won in every arm of motorsports; circuit racing, sprinting and hill climbing and rallying. They produce class-leading power coupled with excellent torque which gives the best possible driving experience

Turbo Charged Porsche Air Cooled Engine

Our turbo supercharged engines give amazing power and torque allowing them to be competitive with the latest design engines. Their inherent light weight and simplicity affords efficient packaging thus allowing the best use of aerodynamics

962 Porsche Engine

Together with our technical partners we have started to work on the iconic Porsche 962 water/water engine. This engine type lays the foundation for the later water cooled engines and we aim to produce these engines with the same performance advantage as our air cooled versions

Other engine Types

Our expertise is not simply with Porsche engines. We have developed and built race winning Suzuki, Honda (K20A variants) and Rover engines and well as the Lotus twin cam and Cosworth BDA types

Technical Developments

Our expertise allows us to: 1) Analyse the theoretical flow paths within the engine. 2) Measure and optimise pressure drop through the ports when measured against valve lift. 3) Map cam profiles (with our partner companies). 4) Use CFD to optise the combustion chamber, the squish area and the compression ratio.

Fully Equipped Engine Development Workshop

Our fully equipped workshop boasts some impressive infrastructure, including but not limited to; 1) 3 axis CNC Hurco milling machine. 2) Full CNC Ajax lathe. 3) Surface grinder. 4) Automatic drilling machine. 5) Precision measuring instruments including 3 point internal mics, verniers, normal mics, depth mics etc. 6) AC/DC Tig welding machine, Mig welding machine, Plasma cutter. 7) State of the art SolidWorks software including finite element stress analysis and computational fluid dynamics suites. 8) Solidcam CAM suitelinked to SolidWorks to facilitate the efficient and accurate CNC machining of our designs. 9) Various 3D printers of various sizes allowing rapid prototyping of our designs.

We Are

Our team of motorsport engineers have experience in virtually all classes of motor sport form Formula 1 downwards. We can design everything from a dry sump tank to a complete chassis. Our experience with the Porsche Flat 6 engine make us the builder of choice for these engines.

Our Porsche engines produce huge, reliable power. We also are happy to discuss your particular project with you and will build an engine around your requirements.

Do You Need
A Race Car