At CTR Developments we take great pride in our engineering. We have a number of degree accredited engineers with many years’ experience across many fields. We will always give our honest appraisal and from the outset will outline where we see potential challenges.


CTR Developments has full CAD facilities with over 40 years of design experience. We use SolidWorks Premium as our tool of choice incorporating the full FEA suite so not only can we conceptualise your designs, we can make sure they wont fail under the harshest of environments. We undertake all manner of both in house and external work, mainly focusing on the automotive, but have also taken on other industries such as automation, shop design and cold aisle containment.


Further to our CAD facilities we also now offer full CAM using the latest version of SolidCAM including the full IMachining package to further increase capabilities. Our usual workflow takes in our own SolidWorks models to machine but we can also take in your intermediate file types and use those. We also offer a rapid turn-around solution, please get in contact to see if we can help


We have a number of options available to us for prototyping and rapid turnaround prototyping or small batch manufacturing. We have a number of 3d printers in a range of sizes where we are able to again rapidly turn parts from screen to hand in a vast array of materials. In fact we also use some of these printed parts in the race team. We have also developed techniques allowing us to develop moulds using these printers to further reduce cost and leadtime for carbon parts. We also have a Hurco VM10i and a Ajax CNC lathe. Using the latest technologies allows us to get that prototype into your hands before you commit to expensive tooling. All of these can be used with our rapid solution options where we have design and manufactured large scale parts in under 24 hours.

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